Scheduled maintenance of industrial buildings reduces costs and helps your facility operate at peak efficiency. You can also expect measurable economic benefits when you hire an industrial cleaning contractor who can accommodate every facet and eventuality the design, structure, and operation that every warehouse and manufacturing facility will bring to the table. 

A Klein Company offers specialized industrial cleaning services that are reliable, efficient, and safe. We perform top-to-bottom deep cleaning of industrial buildings and manufacturing plants. We can transform your dirty, marked up cement floors with our detailed floor scrubbing techniques or clear accumulated dirt and grime from high-level ceilings, rafters, piping, ductwork, and machinery.

The following heavy-duty cleaning services can be performed as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with our commercial and industrial painting services:

  • General plant and warehouse cleaning (interior and exterior)
  • Industrial equipment cleaning:  presses, stamping, process and tooling machines
  • Ceiling cleaning: high-level trusses, rafters, I-beams, light fixtures, ducts, piping
  • Wall and concrete block washing
  • Floor cleaning:  vinyl composition tile (VCT), concrete, carpet, hard tile
  • Power washing

Our industrial cleaning company also has processes in place to safely remove and dispose of wastewater containing chemical residue in an environmentally-safe manner.

Contact our office today at 800-750-5650 or fill out the web form with the details of your industrial cleaning project to schedule an onsite quote and receive an itemized proposal.