Daily cleaning is crucial to maintaining a professional appearance and preserving the integrity of the hard surface flooring in your business. Over time, your floors can lose their luster as customers, employees, and visitors track dirt, dust, and debris into your building. To prevent permanent damage from occurring, your hard surface flooring requires periodic deep cleaning, refinishing, or re-coating performed by a specialty hard floor care professional in order to maintain a clean, attractive, and shiny appearance throughout the year.

A Klein Company is, notably, the local strip and wax vinyl composite tile expert who knows exactly what it takes to care, maintain, and refinish vinyl composite tile floors the right way. We have waxed and refinished newly installed VCT and corrected many an improperly executed job. Our 30+ years experience stripping and waxing literally thousands of floors across Metro Detroit has allowed us to develop well-honed techniques that produce an impeccably glossy finish. Click here to learn more about our floor refinishing process, pricing guidelines, and scope of work.

We also clean and scrub other hard floor surfaces such as:

Light scrubbing and full waxing of newly installed VCT vinyl tile is a specialty.

VCT Floor Refinishing - Strip and Wax - Southeast Michigan

Let us demonstrate how our commercial floor cleaning services can benefit your company. Schedule a free, no obligation walk-through and estimate. Call us at 800-750-5650 or fill out our web form.

*Minimum charge for commercial and industrial VCT stripping & waxing / refinishing projects is $400.00 – $450.00 depending on your location. Please call us for a free onsite evaluation to provide you with an accurate final price for your VCT and other hard floor surface cleaning. Sorry, we do not service residential spaces.