A Klein Company is a professional floor stripping and waxing company that serves most areas throughout Southeast Michigan / Metro Detroit.

Our minimum service charge for commercial and industrial vinyl tile floor refinishing services in 2019 is $500.00 (up to $550.00 depending on your location).  

Our 2019 floor stripping and waxing rates for an initial service rendered to first-time clients typically hovers between a minimum of $.75 per square foot and up to $1.50 per square foot for an average-sized space. That is equivalent to a standard office or retail storefront in the 1200-1500 s/f range, but under 5,000 actual measured square feet of VCT.

The top end of our square foot pricing range reflects dealing with a very challenging project. There are never any additional surcharges for weekend, evening, or overnight appointments.

The final quoted price by our professional estimator will reflect working with the current condition of the floor, any special setup or onsite logistics involved, the location of the project, and the actual flooring measurements.

Appropriate adjustments in rates (less than the .75 cents a square foot minimum) is considered for high-volume square footage above 5,000 square feet of measured VCT for the initial strip and wax service.


Important factors that may subject your strip and wax quote towards higher-end pricing (because they make the work more labor intensive):

  • fixed carpeted areas / squares or in the middle of your VCT tile floor (this creates more edging to be worked on)
  • fixed obstacles, furniture, or certain types of machinery or equipment that cannot be moved, yet still need to be worked around and/or under
  • rework to correct terrible jobs by other companies or refresh / “reset” work done by former or inexperienced in-house personnel
  • logistics that make the workflow difficult (such as a faraway janitor’s closet or water source)
  • excessive layers of (unknown) old finish

Booking a free onsite quote will always provide you with the most accurate price for your initial service.

When you call us it will be helpful to relay (if known) when was the last time your floor was fully and professionally stripped and waxed, the age of the floor, what kind of finish or wax was last applied (we have encountered floors coated with LAYERS of polyurethane, which is not good), how the floor is generally cleaned / mopped on a regular basis, and what solutions are used to clean it.

Hard flooring such as vinyl composite tile (VCT) requires special care and the proper technical expertise to remove the old / dull finish and then carefully apply a durable finish to achieve a brilliant, renewed, and protective high-gloss shine.

A Klein Company‘s standard scope of service & strip and wax process includes:

  • emulsifier application (stripper) up to 2x to dwell and dissolve old finish (difficult floors may need more applications)
  • machine scrubbing of major / open floor spaces to remove dirt and old finish
  • detailed, manual scrubbing of wall edges / corners / door jamb areas
  • wet vacuuming and removal of resulting slurry
  • rinsing and mopping with a floor neutralizer
  • applying 4 coats of brand new, high-quality floor finish at the minimum

The above scope of work reflects a full strip and wax service, not a less-involved ‘scrub and re-coat’ type service.

When obtaining quotes from local floor stripping and waxing companies, be sure you are comparing apples-to-apples service.

If you would like to request additional coats of wax above our standard minimum of 4 coats, please discuss this with the estimator so that we can customize your written estimate.

We highly recommend doing your due diligence and further investigating unusually low quotes, a scope of work that involves skipping important steps (as detailed above), or what seems to be a suspiciously accelerated process for the size of your floor (a quality job really does take TIME). 

Get the best value for your dollar and protect the integrity of your VCT by asking any floor care provider for:

  • referrals from previous clients
  • proof of active insurance coverage (liability and workers comp)
  • if they are providing their workers with a true living W-2 wage
  • if they will be sending subcontractors and if those subcontractors are vetted and insured
  • a written, guaranteed estimate with pricing that will not change

And don’t forget to query:

  • how long will the work take
  • how many people will be onsite
  • what their step-by-step process is
  • how many coats of wax you will be getting for the price quoted

Any trustworthy strip and wax company worth their salt will readily answer these types of questions and stand behind their work 100%. There is an art and a science when it comes to stripping and waxing floors that, when done correctly, achieves that coveted finished look of “glass”. 


A special note regarding newly installed VCT:

A brand new VCT floor only comes with a very light factory finish to protect it during packaging, shipping, and installation. It must be lightly scrubbed then fully waxed to protect it after installation. If your flooring installer will be waxing your floors after installation ask how much extra this will it cost you. Bear in mind, not every installer scrubs and waxes the VCT floors they install. A Klein Company offers special pricing for scrubbing and waxing new VCT flooring.



Large pieces furniture or heavy items (desks, vending machines, filing cabinets, fish tanks, etc.) are to be removed from the floors we are cleaning by the client’s company personnel (or set up to be easily/safely maneuvered).

A thorough pre-sweeping or dry vacuuming of the areas to be stripped and waxed (paying attention to edges and corners) is highly recommended before we arrive.

Disconnection and reconnection of miscellaneous / sensitive computers and electronics are to be made by the client’s company personnel.

A Klein Company may move additional smaller objects and they may be left off the floor to complete floor drying / curing. Please understand that existing furniture and equipment must be strategically maneuvered if your floor area is 100% VCT. The work is generally made easier if there is a carpeted or non-VCT floor area or room to park items on or into for the strip and wax workflow to go smoothly.

Area(s) must be unoccupied or free from in-house foot traffic during the cleaning process as a safety protocol and to achieve optimal results.

Floor refinishing is a labor intensive process that will take approximately 4-5 hours at a minimum. Even with smaller spaces, there is still an average dry / cure time of 30-45 minutes in between EACH floor finish coat application. Higher or lower than normal seasonal temperatures in non-climate controlled areas may extend the time it takes for the finish to set in between coats.

Depending on the size of your project, there will generally be two to four (2 to 4) A Klein Company staff members performing the work.

Expect to wait at least 24 hours for the the new finish to fully cure before placing furniture back on it or walking on the surface.

Avoid dragging furniture or equipment across your floor. Using soft-covered furniture moving slider discs will help protect your VCT floor and newly applied finish.

It is wise to invest in chair mats for desk stations, walk-off entry mat systems in high traffic areas, and protective furniture pads



Access to a water source and electricity within your facility is required to do the work.

Regarding LOOSE TILES: Our service does not include gluing or repairing floor tiles. It is recommended that any affected tiles be re-glued or repaired prior to service taking place. We can provide recommendations.

Regarding BASEBOARDS: We must be advised if any baseboards will be removed prior to starting the work. Baseboard removal alters the standard scope of service as detailed above, as well as the price.

Regarding DAILY CLEANINGBleach or vinegar-based cleaners, in addition to hot water, should be avoided. The use of a neutral floor cleaner is highly advised and easily purchased at the ‘big box’ stores or through your janitorial inventory supplier. Changing out very dirty mop water for clean water periodically during daily floor cleaning process, and changing out dirty mop heads for clean ones on a weekly basis, is a janitorial best practice. Daily cleaning is recommended for high traffic areas.

Outside of daily maintenance, a professional strip and wax service is recommended at least once a year to really protect the integrity and longevity of your VCT flooring / tiles and to ensure an attractive, long-lasting, brilliant shine. If your floors receive a healthy amount of foot traffic on a daily basis, and you do not perform light scrubbing and recoating in the interim, plan to book a complete floor refinish as an important part of your regular floor maintenance schedule.

Depending on your facility’s overall foot traffic, aesthetic goals, and total maintenance budget, you may consider a scrub and re-coat service at certain points within the year. Our professional estimator can also provide insight into other options for general floor maintenance. We are happy to help you make informed decisions on all aspects of vinyl tile floor refinishing and performing the proper upkeep.

We understand commercial clients often require scheduling flexibility. If it is necessary to book a strip and wax service for a weekend or evening, please provide a selection of dates and start times so that we can arrange a mutually agreeable appointment.

We also offer carpet cleaning, concrete floor scrubbing, and ceramic floor tile cleaning for commercial spaces, offices, and industrial buildings. Please let us know ahead of time if you would like for us to include a quote to clean these areas as well.

Our commercial floor stripping and waxing is backed by over 30 years experience and we have serviced quite literally thousands of floors in every condition imaginable. With that in mind, know that sporadic prior floor maintenance, use or exposure to certain solutions, cleaners, or methods, and/or any existing physical damage or staining, may affect the final work result and/or quotation. This is why we highly recommend booking a free onsite inspection and measurement appointment with our professional estimator.

Finally, A Klein Company is fully insured, provides workers comp coverage, and only uses legally verified employees – never any sub-contractors. We also include our most updated insurance information with every written proposal.


Please review the photos of just a few samples our work below. If you would like a free, accurate onsite estimate to refinish your company’s or organization’s VCT / vinyl composite tile floors, please call our office at 800-750-5650 or fill out the web form.


Before and After Samples of Our Detroit-Area Strip and Wax Floor Refinishing Work  




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